Bringing smiles to seniors one visit at a time.
Become a Leader

We are always in search for responsible, dependable and dedicated individuals for the Senior Smiles team. As a starting team leader, you will serve as a volunteer and undergo a period of guidance and training to see if Senior Smiles is a fit for you. After this, you will hold an official position with the organization.

To request an application or for more information on how to get started, contact us.

Why get even more involved with Senior Smiles?

  • Make an impact in the lives of others
  • Better understand the elderly and put happy smiles on their faces
  • Gain valuable leadership skills and team-building experience
  • Learn more about nonprofit organization and volunteer relations
  • If applicable, receive references and a recommendation letter after six months on the team
  • Be a part of a sincere, caring community

But am I qualified to be a part of the team?

The Senior Smiles Team is made up of a diverse group of people of varying ages, race, educational levels, and other backgrounds. As long as you have the love for what we do, all are welcome to inquire to be an intern. Please see below for openings.

What kind of responsibilities would I have?

Volunteer Coordinator

Time commitment: 3 - 5 hours per week

Locations needed (positions available): Fullerton (2-3); Newport Beach (2-3); Westwood (1-2); Beverly Hills (1)

Great for those who are: able to consistently stay on top of e-mails and phone calls; good at planning and scheduling; punctual; responsible; outgoing; creative

The Volunteer Coordinator position is very important at Senior Smiles. Volunteer Coordinators supervise between 10 and 20 volunteers in a specified territory.  The coordinator pairs each trained volunteer with a senior citizen and then accompanies each volunteer to his or her initial visit to the facility.  After the initial meeting, the volunteer coordinator stays in touch with each volunteer on a weekly basis and is responsible for weekly volunteer updates.  Additionally, the volunteer coordinator is responsible for providing help with certain tasks such as training sessions, special events, and fundraising. 

Web and Social Media Team (2-3)

Time commitment: 2 - 3 hours per week

Location: Online

Great for those who are: familiar with or willing to learn more about Twitter, Facebook, “blogging,” etc.; able to regularly update online networking sites with relevant and current information, pictures, news, etc.; creative and clever

The Web and Social Media Team positions are brand new with Senior Smiles. These team members will oversee social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and our blog on the Senior Smiles website. In addition, he or she will research other online avenues for effective communication with volunteers, supporters, and the public. The purpose of this position is to raise awareness about our mission, to keep supporters updated on current happenings at our organization, and to help recruit more volunteers.

Newsletter Editors (2-3)

Time commitment: Flexible. Newsletters come out every three months.

Location: Online and at home

Great for those who are: familiar with newsletter editing software such as Microsoft Publisher; experienced or interested in journalism and/or creative writing; able to delegate tasks among a group of people

Newsletter Editors will be responsible for developing and editing our quarterly newsletter every three months. We are looking for someone to either (1) write some stories and check content, writing style, and grammar of other articles, (2) handle layout with a newsletter editing software such as Microsoft Publisher, or (3) be in charge of both. Newsletter editors will NOT be expected to write all the material for the newsletter; he or she will however be in charge of delegating writers for relevant articles, testimonials, volunteer spotlights, etc.