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 Valentine's Day 2016

On Valentine’s Day this year, February 14, 2016, there was a Valentine’s Day Ball at The Watermark at Beverly Hills. There was a cover band playing many popular hits such as “All I Have To Do Is Dream” by Everly Brothers. A dance floor was set up for everyone to dance on. There was a table filled with delicious sweets including red velvet cakes and chocolate-covered strawberries. In addition to the high turnout of seniors, many volunteers from Senior Smiles showed up. Everyone had fun hanging out, talking, and dancing with each other. On a sweet and fun-filled day, it was an unforgettable event for all our seniors and volunteers.

    • Valentine's Day 2016

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Lessons from Dr. Rivin

Dr. Arthur Rivin is a retired physician and professor emeritus of medicine at UCLA. At the age of 89, Dr. Rivin practices kindness and compassion towards the people around him.  He continues to show his concern for the community by helping others fight Alzheimer’s Disease. Interns at Sydney Cooper Senior Smiles had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with Dr. Rivin and his wife, where he shared this story below. His message, "It's nice to be nice."


I frequently gave a rose to the postman as he delivered the mail, I could tell he really enjoyed the rose, I gave as a token of my appreciation. One day I had a special favor from him. I lost my balance out in the rose bushes, couldn’t get up and my hands were bleeding from the thorns. The postman saw me struggling to get to my feet. When he saw my situation, he stopped his car, came out to where I was, in the bushes, and helped me to my feet, and I was soon all right. It pays to be nice to people with whom you cross paths.

To learn more about Dr. Rivin, check out this article about him from the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-lopez-alzheimers-20120702,0,4742833.column

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